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What's this "K" business?

"K" stands for potassium. Our potassium is the finest made in the industry. It is made to absorb and store water.

What size polymer should I buy?

The potassium cross-linked copolymer comes in three sizes:  

o  A granular powder, <1mm;
o  A
mid gradation, 0.85-2.0mm; and,
o  A large gradation, 1.7-4.0mm.

When fully hydrated, the granular powder is like a clear slurry; the mid gradation swells to 1/2 inch; and the large gradation, up to 1-1/2 inches.

The mid gradations are best for most horticulural, gardening and new turf applications. This is the preferred size for neck coolers, cool ties and cool pads, and for most craft uses.

The granular powder is best in potting mixes, sandy and porous soil, and for dust abatement applications. It is also successfully applied to existing turf after aeration.

The large gradation has its best application in clay soils, where it actually breaks down the clay and keeps it in a more porous state. It is popular also for home crafts and decorations.

The finer the particle size, the faster the rates of absorption.

A hydrated crystal exposed to direct sunlight will decompose.