2 lb Jar of ReGen 77 Soil Conditioner

Two pound jar of ReGen 77 Soil Conditioner. Performance Features & Benefits — • High organic matter and humic acid analysis. • 75 major, trace and rare earth elements. • Increases water retention and penetration. • Improves soil physical characteristics. • Excellent for the Home gardener. • Helps produce larger and more colorful flowers and roses. • Helps keep your lawn vibrant • Great for all trees. • Great for your favorite shrubs and house plants. • Faster growth.
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    I have 10 Bird House Gourd plants, thay are growing more than 18 inches a day! So far I have over 80 gourds, and will have many more because they are still blooming! I gave them a lot of the ReGen 77 Soil Conditioner about a month ago, (I had some left from a 40# pail) and I am sure they are thriving because of it. I am planting a new hummingbird & butterfly flower garden that has four tiers. It is about 850 sq. ft. & I am going to give them a lot of the ReGen Soil conditioner, as well as top dress all the other plants in my yard, including over 40 honeysuckles of 11 different varieties.

    Great stuff! Helped my lawn and garden a lot this year.
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